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jedi jedi at mishnet.org
Sun Nov 4 02:56:55 UTC 2007

On Fri, Nov 02, 2007 at 08:52:08PM -0600, griz_quattro wrote:
> Brian Wood wrote:
> > Steve Peters - Priority Electronics wrote:
> <snippage>
> >> Seagate is giving partial refunds if you bought one of their hard drives
> >> in the past two years because they falsely advertised the storage
> >> capacity. I ran into this issue when i bought a few 500gb drives only to
> >> find that they only actually have 466gb of storage. Just passing this
> >> along to my myth friends who have helped me out in the past few months.
> >> -Steve
> <snippage>
> > All well and good, perhaps.
> <snippage>
> > I suspect that the attorneys involved will make more on this than the
> > "victims".
> > 
> > Welcome to the Litigious States of America.

	This is total bullshit.

	Seagate was engaging in a pervasive and longterm pattern of fraud.

	They were abusing a well known and well defined term of art.

> > 
> > (Of course my real complaint is that I'm one of those who never keeps
> > receipts, so I lose out here :-)
> > 
> > beww
> Seagate has had a good run of drives for the past few years and
> I can not complain. Penalizing a manufacturer for the buyer's
> ignorance is nuts. It's as irresponsible as it is incredible.

	Ignorance that the manufacturer is LYING to them.

	That it absurd. Seagate lies and cheats you for years
and then you whine about the only people willing to deal with
the situation. Rightfully, someone like Spitzer should have
put these people in jail a long time ago. As it stands, the
bottomfeeders are the only chance we have left for something
resembling justice.

	THAT is the sad part of this situation.
	That and the fact that "consumers" are still willing
to let the perpetrators off the hook.

> I won't apply for a refund, even though the receipts are in the file.
> Litigious States of America: where buffoonery is meagerly rewarded.

	Better that we reward lying and stealing then?

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