[mythtv-users] mythplugins

Erik Liin Dansbo dansbo at mail.dk
Sat Nov 3 20:35:02 UTC 2007

Hi again.

I am having trouble getting my mythtv to play VCD's I've googled alot and
found out that I probably haven't configured mythdvd to play vcd's

Well I should probably mention, that I am running mythtv-0.20 and I have
followed Jarod Wilsons guide as good as I can.

In essense this means that I installed mythtv using "yum install

well back to the chase. I found out that I should run a command "./config
--help" to see how to enable the features I want for my mythplugins.

So I enter the mythplugin directory i.e.
"/usr/share/docs/mythplugins-0.20" and just tried to run "./config
--help" then I get ~no such file or directory.

Then I check to see if I have something called configure in that
directory and I don't.

Is there some file I could edit in order to get mythdvd to play VCD's??

Please help


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