[mythtv-users] Changing Video Inputs

Robert D. Plemons rdplemons at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 17:02:31 UTC 2007

I have installed and configured mythtv and it is working with the 
exception that I can only watch and record from the tuner.  I have 
ordered but not yet received an ir blaster but in the mean time I think 
I should be able to select alternate input using the letter 'C' when 
watching live TV for instance.  When I configured mythbackend I could 
see that my card, Hauppage PVR 150, has 5 inputs and I configured the 
tuner and Composite 1.  I have some old rabbit ears hooked up to the 
tuner for testing but really plan to use my Dish DVR 522 as primary 
input.  It is plugged in via composite video cables.  I can control 
input with v4l2-ctl and watch TV via mplayer off the Dish without any 
problems.  When I start up mythfrontend and go to watch live tv it comes 
up on the tuner.  I can change channels, pause, etc.  but when I hit C 
to change the input it freezes for a second but stays on Tuner.  Did I 
miss something in the configuration?  Is it because I do not have a way 
to change channels defined to the backend?  I did enter 
/usr/local/bin/changechannel as the External channel change command.  
What else might it be?


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