[mythtv-users] HD tuner: best bang for the buck

Sean Goodpasture goofygrin at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 01:09:36 UTC 2007

If you can find Kworld PCI 110 or 115 cheap, they work well, with QAM and
all.  I've got two 115's ($25 each AR) and one 110 ($40 off Ebay) in my
server.  Only issue is that they are a framegrabber for SD and they are
limited to 32khz for SD capture (meaning if you're sending the sound via
spdif, you might need to resample it -- no biggie, just an alsa config).

On 11/2/07, Cool Frood <aaranya+mythtv at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry if this is somewhat of a repeat of things that have been talked
> about before.  I'm in the market for a cheap HD tuner (in the US) that
> works well with MythTV.  The key things are "cheap" and "works well."
> Reading previous discussions, it seems that people really like
> HDHomeRun or PCHDTV.  However, both of them seem to be comparatively
> pricier than the other options available.  I'm definitely hoping to
> stay below $100.  Right now, I have a PVR-150 and SD will still be my
> primary source of programming, but I want to get into this new fangled
> thing called HD.  What do you suggest?
> Thanks!
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