[mythtv-users] About to give up - Avermedia 771 - not sensitive enough for UK DVB?

Bob Cox coxb at lpi.org.uk
Sat Nov 3 00:50:21 UTC 2007

>From: "Paul Broadwith" <paul.broadwith at blueivy.co.uk>
>Can anybody give me any ideas or shed any light on this? Willing to try anything at this stage 
as I'm about to give up but really reluctant to do so!

I've been through something similar but using the Pinnacle Dazzle. Manufacturers mention all 
the bells and whistles available on a card but fail to mention the basic 
requirement of input sensitivity. 

I've ended up by adding the Nova-S-Plus satellite receiver to give me the 
channels not available on freeview. The Hauppauge seems to be more 
sensitive than the Pinnacle PCTV Pro PCI board I tried. I don't know if 
that is matched in dvb-t. The Hauppauge windows software though is 
absolutely dire and crashes randomly. Linux is rock solid.
Bob Cox - coxb at lpi.org.uk

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