[mythtv-users] Comments on backend replacement

James Gutshall Jr warchildx at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 22:28:18 UTC 2007

Mysql doesnt really use alot of CPU, but loves memory, and thus depending on
what your needs are, it may help or hurt you.

If you need the server to house large database and use it for storage of
other data, then it might be a good thing.

if your backend is doing transcoding, com flagging, etc, you need as fast of
processors as you can get for cheap.  multiprocessors helps, but you will
run out of raw speed before you have 4 user jobs running at the same time
due to the mhz of the individual processors.  I run into the same problem
with my hp quad.  I ended up retiring it to the garage for this reason.
Also because of disks.  I have a boxful of 9/18/36GB scsi drives that even
put into raid5 or 6, is tiny compared to just getting a couple of big 'ol
IDE/SATA and doing a mirror.


On 11/1/07, Christopher X. Candreva <chris at westnet.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Nov 2007, Bill Omer wrote:
> > little slower than they would if they were ran in series on my
> > previous machine.  It would use more power though, thats obvious.  But
> > with four gigs of ram and quad procs, I'm incline to believe it would
> > be a benefit.  I'm just worried about io wait.
> >
> > But for $100, it's a hard deal to pass up.
> We recently built a dual-core AMD x64 machine w/ dual 250gig disks for
> about
> $400, complete with Antec server case, from parts from NewEgg.
> I would find the $100 ancient server with no IDE and unknown disks an easy
> deal to pass up.
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