[mythtv-users] About to give up - Avermedia 771 - notsensitiveenough for UK DVB?

Paul Broadwith paul.broadwith at blueivy.co.uk
Fri Nov 2 17:44:35 UTC 2007

Hi Steve,

I have tried another card with the same result.

The cable is simply being unplugged from the DVB box and straight into MythTV.

Kind regards,

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> Hi,
> First of all, in case it's not clear below, I'm in the UK.
> I have a DVB-box, straightforward basic one that picks up all 
> the channels I need. It picks them up fine - the odd breaking 
> picture but by and large everything is pretty good with it.
> I built a MythDora box and put 3 Avermedia 771 cards in 
> there. Tested it out by only connecting the first to the 
> aerial (the other two cards I'll setup when I eventually get 
> things working) - this is the same cable that the DVB-box is 
> connected to. The Avermedia card / MythTV does not pick up 
> the channels very well. I get channels not being picked up at 
> all; channels being picked up very poorly (ITV2 / ITV3 being 
> the main culprits there) and at random times while watching I 
> get the error that there has been an unexpected error while 
> displaying video - clicking OK to go back to the main menu 
> and clicking Watch TV again and it all works fine.
> I've bought a new High Gain aerial, installed it and added a 
> signal booster just in case. The DVB-box still picks the 
> channels up fine. The MythTV box still doesn't.
> The signal strength is always in the 90%'s on teh channels in 
> MythTV. There is also low noise.
> I have been considering a new card - Nova-T PCI for example - 
> as it's my thinking that the Avermedia cards are just not 
> sensitive enough to pick up the DVB signals. Why would a 
> 20.00 DVB-box pick up the signals fantastic, but a 30.00 
> PCI card not?
> Can anybody give me any ideas or shed any light on this? 
> Willing to try anything at this stage as I'm about to give up 
> but really reluctant to do so!
> Kind regards,
> Paul Broadwith MBCS


Just a quick thought, it's not a faulty card is it? I assume you've tried one of the others that you've got? And although you say it's the same cable, do you mean you're unplugging it from the DVB box and plugging it into the MythTV box?

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