[mythtv-users] ATI X1300

JJ ve1jot at eastlink.ca
Fri Nov 2 15:21:14 UTC 2007

Well hello all...having TV-out woes...bought an ati 1300vid card last 
week, figured it should
be much better than the x200 on-board graphics...well, using a Samsung 
171MP, my old
install of Fiesty 7.04 sorta works, but wanted to do a fresh install of 
7.10 gutsy, but
when the install tries to bring up X, my monitor says "Sync out of 
tried safe graphics install, same prob.., looks like framebuffer works, 
but no
X...also cannot get TV-out to work, even in XP with the included 
drivers, so sorely tempted
to sell the ati one and maybe get an nvidia card...any suggestions?
AMD 64-bit 4200+ dual-core
x200 onboard graphics
x1300 PCIe vid (for now)


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