[mythtv-users] Totally blank mythtv menu screens.

Steve Grob sgrob at mtco.com
Fri Nov 2 01:21:38 UTC 2007

Thanks Phil, for your suggestion.

I issued the rpm command and then tried starting mythfrontend but the
problem didn't change.

I restarted mythbackend and that didn't help either.

Just to make sure I rebooted but that didn't help either.

I'm wondering if the chmod command messed something up.


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On 11/2/07, Steve Grob <sgrob at mtco.com> wrote:
> Much to my surprise the main menu did not have any text or icons on it. I
> was able to navigate the menu from memory and schedule the recording.

This missing font problem was resolved for me on fedora 7 by

rpm -Uvh

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