[mythtv-users] Advertisement free tv? Well whats it worth to you?

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Thu Nov 1 21:43:45 UTC 2007

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>> I dunno. I don't think this would work. People are used to
>> getting their TV for free. So I think that there would be
>> considerable resistance to pay per view for everything.
>> I think higher priced flat rate channels would do far
>> better. Although at the end of the day when it's all said
>> and done I think that "cheap" is king.
>> The cheapest option will win out.
>> It's the Walmart effect.
>> I think downloads would catch on sooner that something
>> like this.
> i think if it was implemented well and marketed correctly, it would
> get used.  heck, kids that saw it would use it and their parents would
> have to pay for it. :)  i think it could work and has merit.  will the
> industry ever 'do' something like this?  i doubt it...

    Actually there are already channels that are directed at kids
that are either commercial free or relatively commercial free.

    Expecting things to be "marketed correctly" is just plain silly.

    We have Apple, Atari and Commodore as good examples of why that
kind of idea is just wishful thinking.

    Then there's any number of retail stores that mis-market themselves
in the face of a percieved Walmart juggernaut. If Target and Albertsons
can manage to "market correctly" I hold out little hope for tech firms
with more interesting product.

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