[mythtv-users] mythtv frontend for HDTV hardware requirements

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Nov 1 12:43:44 UTC 2007

Milos Prudek wrote:
> In a separate backend, separate frontend setup, European HDTV, what are the 
> network bandwidth requirements? 100TX or 1000TX ethernet?
> Will some VIA EPIA Mini-ITX motherboard be able to work as Myth frontend-only 
> for European HDTV at 1080i resolution?

I have used my Via SP13000 BE/FE combo as a BE to my laptop and the 
usual 100T is fine for Standard Definition.
I had trouble playing 1080i content on my laptop from the Via backend, 
but that was more the laptop's fault.

A newish Via mb will do fine *AS A BACKEND*.  You can see the odd 'Via 
chipsets have a DMA problem' thread but those are old chipsets. That 
problem has been fixed.

Your major problem is that you want to do highDef on Via frontend. This 
*CAN* work, provided you:

1)	use the video output (NOT the TV encoder output)
2)	use the openchrome driver to get xvmc and xvmc_vld

Reasons:  The VT1623 tv encoder chipset  will not do HD.. 1024x1024 
only, And you need a motherboard with a DVI header since S-video will 
not go there.. The VT1625 chipset *should* do HD, but the openchrome 
driver does not yet support this...being worked on..

You need xvmc etc in order to get usable output on such a slow 
motherboard... cannot do it with CPU power. You need the in hardware GPU 

The video chipsets will do up to 2048x1500 or so *out the video port*. 
So your monitor/tv needs a D-15 plug that accepts the full capabilities 
of the tv....And BE CAREFUL, some "HDTV's" do not actually allow that as 
I found while I was searching for a new flat-screen. And some do not 
even have a D-15 input.

So... possibly do-able but not trivial.

However, if you get there you have a great, small and quiet box.


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