[mythtv-users] SDTV channel picture size on a HDTV???

B Gates bud6998 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 1 01:31:03 UTC 2007

I have searched the web and can not find the answer to
this question.

Fedora 7
MythTV 0.20.2
nVidia 7600 GS
32" 16.9 TV

I have a HDTV which is 16x9.  Within the xorg.conf
file I set the resolution at 1280x720 with 100x100
dpi. I have verified this by using xdpyinfo.  I am
connected to Comcast Cable.  When I view standard
definition channels (2-96), the picture fills the
entire screen.  I go to "Change Aspect Ratio" in the
menu, and select 4x3 and the picture dimensions do to
change.  Is this normal?  I thought when I selected
4x3 dimension, I would get the black bars vertically
on each side.

So the question is when you are viewing standard
definition cable channel, with mythtv, on a HD
television, do you get the vertical black bars?


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