[mythtv-users] TV-Series DVDs

Kevin Hulse jedi at mishnet.org
Thu Nov 1 00:16:39 UTC 2007

On Wed, Oct 31, 2007 at 10:20:41PM +0000, John Veness wrote:
> Christopher X. Candreva wrote:
> > On Sun, 28 Oct 2007, Nathan A. Smith wrote:
> > 
> >> Reading the archives, I don't see any recent discussion of how people
> >> handle importing, separating, tagging, etc -- TV series DVDs.  Since
> > 
> > I've been thinking about this for a while. The question that keeps comming 
> > to my mind is, Why are TV, Video, and music separate modules at all, and 
> > could they be combined into a single view ? Things I would like to do:
> > 
> > o See episodes recorded OTA and from DVD in a single list.
> > o Not record episodes or movies I already own on DVD.
> > o Mix MP3 and music video files, with visualizations for non-video files
> > o See selections from a movies soundtrack album in the same place as the 
> >   movie.
> > o Catalog non-ripped DVDs, and when selected be given information as to 
> >   where the disk is stored. (which I know I would have to enter).
> > 
> > The trick I think would be the database. Designed properly, you should be 
> > able to either pull out the three separate views we have, or present a 
> > unified interface as I described above, along with things I haven't thought 
> > of. 
> > 
> > IMDB does already list TV episodes so it is possible to get that 
> > information. What would really be nice would be a cross-reference of 
> > Schedules Direct IDs with IMDB ids. I suppose this could be built over time 
> > by the community, possibly ala the Amazon Mechanical Turk.
> In my mind, I've been imagining my ideal Myth interface. Rather than 
> having to enter 'TV' or 'Videos' or 'Music' (based on using the 
> 'classic' menu theme), I would like to enter 'Series' or 'Films/One-offs'.
> The Series menu would show all the series I am interested in, whether 
> there are currently any recordings or not, with an episode guide for 
> each series. Any episodes available, either as recordings, videos (e.g. 
> downloaded), or DVDs (with a prompt to load the DVD), would be available 
> to view from the same interface. The 'Series' menu would include 

	One necessary element for this would be some interface to quickly
choose the "next" episode to watch. This can quickly get unwieldy with 
either MythTV or MythVideo. For recordings it would be nice to sort them
in season/episode order so that it's easy to keep things in sequence if
you are catching up with something or just following the flow of the show.

	My idea would be to show a small rolling window of shows. Perhaps
no more than 5 or 10. The first episode in the subset would be at the top
and the last would be at the bottom. Then you could select what you like
and have a sort of cursor/pointer for that series keeping track of where
you are.

        I have a shell script that does this for xine (which I use as
my external mythvideo player). The "current show" is stored either in
a table or in a file and the shell script just processes things in
alphanumeric order.


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