[mythtv-users] VERY OT: Going to Linux.

Jay R. Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Thu May 31 17:32:06 UTC 2007

On Thu, May 31, 2007 at 12:50:13PM -0400, MacNean Tyrrell wrote:
>    I don't know where else to ask this.  Also, if someone could point me to a
>    "general" linux mailing list to ask questions, not a specific distro or
>    anything, I would appreciate it so i didn't bother you guys with non MythTV
>    stuff.

My personal recommendation is SuSE, cause that's what we use a lot, but
I'm about to evaluate Kubuntu -- which is easier to play with since it
will live-boot from the CD-ROM, which SuSE won't.

Open Office *may* be good enough for your wife.

Plan, as someone else said, to dual-boot to run Windows native games,
at least at first.

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