[mythtv-users] MythstreamTV - Some buttons work

David Meixner dmeixner at uiuc.edu
Thu May 31 15:10:29 UTC 2007

I've got MythstreamTV working almost perfectly.  Most of the buttons work,
including play, pause, -30sec, -1min.  However, the buttons to go forward
(+30sec and +1min) just cause the video to play from the beginning.  Also,
I've added a field to do a random seek (described on the KnoppMyth wiki),
and only values that seek backwards (i.e. -45sec) or percentages (i.e. 23%)
work.  Trying something like +00:45:00 or 1:23:12 do not work.

In the "creatfile.php", I've tried using a seek_value of both "%2B30sec" and
"+30sec" for the +30sec button.  Neither seem to work.

Any ideas?

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