[mythtv-users] Signal strength % output to logfile/database

Paul mylists at wilsononline.id.au
Thu May 31 11:57:58 UTC 2007

On 28/05/2007 6:13 PM, Paul wrote:
> Can I suggest  if the DVB code can output the Signal strength the log 
> file when tunning or starting to record shows so I can scan this for 
> statistical purposes. ie I would like to see if there is a pattern to 
> hi-low values and also to easily show if my signal needs improving etc..
> Is there a way I can script this  without affecting backend? ie can I 
> run a tzap command during idle times to capture this info?
> Actually even better if this was written to a database log would make 
> reporting easier.
> Thanks

I found a webpage which refers to a CVS patch which enable such a feature does anyone know 
  what happened to the patch???

Page is here==> http://www.ethics-gradient.net/myth/mythdvb2.html

Search for : "Collecting Data on Signal Quality"

"the facility to collect DVB signal statistics was added to MythTV after version 0.14 so 
at the moment it's only available in CVS versions. It's my first real contribution of code 
to Myth so if it doesn't work I guess you can blame me.

You can easily tell if it's included by pointing your browser to port 6544 on the machine 
where the backend is running (e.g. http://your-backend-machine:6544/.  If you see a box at 
the bottom of the page labelled "DVB Signal Information" then you can use this facility.



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