[mythtv-users] prebuffering pauses when playing time stretch from playback group

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed May 30 20:52:05 UTC 2007

On 05/30/2007 01:33 PM, Michael Rice wrote:
> There are some shows that I always watch at 1.5 speed.  Works great
> with no problems at all expect that I have to go to the menu and
> change it each time.  So I finally got around to setting up a playback
> group 'Fast' with the 1.5 speed and set a show to use it.  I start
> playing and "Fast Settings" comes up... great... but the video has
> severe "prebuffering pauses".  If I go back to the menu change the
> speed to 1.2 then back to 1.5 all is well.... but this is obviously
> worse since I am changing the speed twice instead of once.. :(

Have you tried hitting pause just after it starts playing (and
prebuffering-pausing) at 1.5x?  Then, after a couple of seconds, hit
play again.


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