[mythtv-users] Intel 945GM graphics ok?

Daniel Waineo danwaineo at yahoo.com
Wed May 30 20:06:46 UTC 2007

> so anyone know where the Intel graphics chipsets
> stand on tearing?
> GMA 900 (910G, 915G, and 915Gx) = ?
> GMA 950 (940GML, 945G series, 945GT) = ok
> GMA 3000 (946G, 946GZ)= ?
> GMA X3000/X3100 (965G)= ?

X3000 and X3100 still have the tearing issue.  I've
been monitoring the Xorg list for this issue.  My
understanding is that all of the other chipsets from
intel work without tearing, because the G965 is the
only chipset that does only textured video.  I think
the other chipsets have a least an option to use
composite video.  It sounds like they are working on
this issue with the intel driver.

I have a DG965OT board using Fedora 7.  Myth is usable
now, but I sure would love to have the tearing issue

-Dan Waineo

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