[mythtv-users] Exiting out of mplayer closes MythTV

Rage321 rage321 at optonline.net
Tue May 29 05:13:32 UTC 2007

Sorry for the late reply.  It turned out that it was just that one video
file that exited me out of MythTV.  I took out the xinerama from the command
line to see what would happen, and it still closed MythTV. 

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On 27/05/07, Rage321 <rage321 at optonline.net> wrote:
> I recently started using a BE server as a BE/FE.  Got Twinview to work 
> with a FX 4000 and ALSA working.  When I go to view a video file, 
> mplayer launches no problem and I can operate it normally.  However, 
> when I exit mplayer, mythfronend is gone.  Any ideas on what to look 
> for?  Are

Are you controlling MPlayer with the remote or keyboard? If using the
remote, are you using a button for MPlayer that also controls MythTV?
If you exit MPlayer via the keyboard, does mythfrontend still close?

> VideoOutputXv errors below a deal breaker?

No. XVID playback is not using MPEG2 XvMC acceleration.

> This is the command line within Myth - mplayer -fs -zoom -quiet -vo xv 
> -xineramascreen 0 %s

Do you see the same behaviour without the xinerama option?


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