[mythtv-users] Frame glitch with PVR-150 and Mythtv

Todd Riesz todd at tech-rat.com
Sun May 27 15:15:28 UTC 2007

I built a new mythbackend server. Its a PentiumD with 2Gig of ram
and a 320G harddrive.

I put in two HD5500 tunners, a BTTV capture card, and a PVR-150 tunner.
I can record and watch video perfectly from all the sources EXCEPT the

The PVR-150 every couple of seconds will frame skip or stutter. I have
tried changing the resolution, IRQ latency timing etc.....

Nothing seems to fix it.

If myth is not running and I cat /dev/video0 > test.mpeg the output file
plays fine so I'm pretty sure that is a mythtv issue.

I am running the follwing:
OS Fedora Core 6 (32-bit)


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