[mythtv-users] switch slave/master backends

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at develooper.com
Thu May 24 07:13:51 UTC 2007


I started my setup with one backend server:

    BE1 (master), pchdtv, disks, commflag, transcode

I've since then moved the storage to another server,

    BE1 (master), pchdtv, commflag, transcode
    BE2 (slave), disks, NFS server, commflag, transcode

I swapped the master/slave around so BE2 is the master since that's  
where things are going to be stored anyway.

All I changed was the MasterServerIP setting in the database -- is  
that right?

This should make the frontends use BE2 to pull data, rather than have  
it go BE2->nfs->BE1->client.  Is that right?

   - ask

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