[mythtv-users] deinterlacing and non-smooth playback at 1080i

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Wed May 23 12:20:44 UTC 2007

> > 2007-05-21 19:41:14.168 Video sync method can't support double
> > framerate (refresh rate too low for bob deint)
> This is part of your problem.  Bob is not working.
> Use 'xvidtune -show' to print what modeline you're actually using; look
> in the frontend log (with --verbose playback,general) for "Refresh rate:
> xxx, frame interval: yyy".  Refresh rate (in usec) has to be smaller
> than half frame interval for bob to be able to work.  Adjust your mode
> (choose a new one, or change the first number which is the pixel clock
> in MHz) until it is.

I looked through my mythfrontend log and can't find anything that says
what the refresh rate is - even if I do --verbose all. Is there
something else I need to do to get this showing up in the log?


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