[mythtv-users] optimizing nvidia tv-out for widescreen rear projection tv connected via s-video

jason maxwell decepticon at gmail.com
Tue May 22 15:03:52 UTC 2007

> >> If your TV works properly with DVI, try that.  Although, most TV's
> >> treat DVI as a "pc connection" which, for some vendors or TV types,
> >> doesn't work out as well.  Also, be aware that some TV's don't do DVI
> >> correctly (a co-worker's 1yr old projection has a DVI port, but isn't
> >> supported to be hooked up to a PC).
> > I believe my TV doesn't support PC connections (last I checked the manual), but it's got plenty of component out... I'll probably go that route when it comes down to it..

FWIW, my HDTV (Toshiba 50hm66) specifically states in the manual that
PC hookup is not supported. However, I have been running my linux PC
to the TV since I got it back in Jan with no issues. I'm using DVI -
HDMI adapter. I think the manual says PC is not supported just so they
can avoid dealing with customers that have problems with it. As long
as you keep the resolution/refresh at or below it's native (720p 60 on
mine), there should be no problems. Running oustide of spec may not
work, but I doubt you would do any harm on a modern display.
YMMV, blah, blah...

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