[mythtv-users] SA3250HD questions cleared up

Mike LaPlante mike at dividia.net
Mon May 21 19:46:33 UTC 2007

I have an SA3250HD that I haven't tried to do anything with yet. I'm at 
work at the moment and plan on playing around with it when I get home. 
But just browsing the past threads about this STB has lead to a few 
unanswered questions. Some threads seem to contradict each other, so 
maybe someone can clear this up for me:

1) Do I still need an IR blaster to change channels or does this work 
over firewire now?

2) Will I be able to record both SD and HD channels?

If it helps any my provider is Charter Communications, DFW Texas. I have 
no idea of the STB's firmware version or if the firewire port is even 
activated, plan to find out tonight ;-)


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