[mythtv-users] Lack of aerial access

Dan Gravell dan.gravell at talk21.com
Mon May 21 16:09:48 UTC 2007

I'm keen on building out my current MythTV installation to include video capture. Currently it only exists for displaying photos, videos and playing music.

I currently only have one aerial socket in the house, in the lounge. I intended to run aerial lead extensions into my study where my current backend is. The leads would run outside the house and then inside where the new wall sockets would be. Unfortunately this is turning out to be a little more difficult than thought because the upper stories of the house are covered with tiles which I do not wish to crack by drilling through them.

Aside from some major DIY effort do I have any other options? I run an Epia box as the frontend, colocated with the current single aerial socket, which could be a slave, however this runs Minimyth right now and I don't wish to change if possible.

Is there such a thing as a standalone video capture box which will stream what it has captured over an ethernet network? Again, I've a homeplug AV network which the frontend currently plugs into which I could use, although I'd be wary of using up all my bandwidth; I can't see this solution lasting forever.


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