[mythtv-users] Hiper HMC-2K53A-H2 First Impressions (Awesome HDfrontend)

Brian blistmail at comcast.net
Sun May 20 15:21:10 UTC 2007

> DVD works fine.  I just happened to have a Panasonic slot 
> load for my mini HD frontend I was working on a couple of 
> years ago.  The eject button lines up fine.

Now that firewire seems to be working flawlessly with one DCT-6200 (thanks
Axel, SVN packages from Atrpms are working great!) I'm seriously considering
one of these as a front-end. I'm wondering what size DVD drive it'll accept.
Will any 5.25" slot load DVD drive fit? The specs show one 3.5" only. Is
that for the internal HDD? 


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