[mythtv-users] CATV Going Digital - Was: PVR 150s Cheap

Jack Trout witmore1 at gmail.com
Sun May 20 01:19:41 UTC 2007

> My local cable company keeps telling me that "The FCC is forcing us to
> go completely digital".
> I believe this is totally wrong. The FCC is mandating OTA to go digital
> so the government can auction off the spectrum space that's saved. The
> "Public Safety" aspect is a tiny fraction, and is basically a
> smokescreen to get public, and congressional, support.
> The cable operators want to go digital in order to carry more channels,
> and if they can blame any resulting inconvenience to subscribers on the
> FCC so much the better, to them.

I do agree with you there.. the cable companies want to blame it on the
government so they dont get flamed. at last look, the HD laws were only
forcing OTA but there might be a stipulation that CATV providers have to
offer the HD content that the local providers have on thier networks to
users. there have been a few strikes locally between a local media network
and time warner, refusing to allow Time warner to rebroadcast thier OTA
content unless they also added to thier standard lineup thier own local
cable news network too. so for a short period of time, the TV station mailed
out free set top antenaes to Time Warner Customers to allow them to set
thier tvs up to get thier station if the strike went into effect, (never
happened and the cable news channel wasnt added on analog, but it was added
to digital).

but there has been arguments and even lawsuits between cable providers and
satellite providers, because of advertisements that Cable doesnt and will
never offer more HD content then they do. but I do think CableTV most
operators will still have analog content long past the point of the HD OTA
deadline, or some subscribers will drop off because they have to pay 10$ a
month for cable boxes.. especially schools they have wired, with every
classroom with cable, that would be an outstanding cost.
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