[mythtv-users] impossible to start cd ripping when tray is open

Mario Minati mario at minati.de
Sat May 19 17:01:12 UTC 2007

Paul Harrison schrieb:
> Mario Minati wrote:
>> Hi,
>> does anyone know if this is a mythtv thing or if it is due to the window 
>> manager?
>> I'm useing openbox, which is the mythtv default for frontends only (I 
>> think).
>> Mario
>> Mario Minati schrieb:
>>> I discovered the following issue (ubuntu 7.04 with ubuntu mythtv 0.20 
>>> packages):
>>> In the general config of the frontend i activated to watch cd/dvd 
>>> drives. So when I put in a music cd the music menu comes up.
>>> Now when I put a music disc on the trac (without closing it) and start 
>>> the import music disc command via the menu the cd tray gets closed and 
>>> mythtmusic is fetching the data from the web.
>>> After he got te data he leaves the ripping screen (where you can adjust 
>>> the data from web) and brings up the music menu.
>>> So what I think needs to be fixed is the behaviour of showing the music 
>>> menu even when he is already in the ripping screen.
> There has been a lot of changes to the music ripper recently but they
> are only available in the svn trunk version of MythMusic which will
> become 0.21 eventually. I think most packagers use the 0.20-fixes branch
> so you wont have the new improved version yet. It's easy to tell which
> you have the new version uses all themed dialogs using Myths native
> widgets whereas the old version uses QT widgets.

Thanks for your answer Paul.

I think it might be related to #3308 which has been fixed since. Once I 
get my MythFrontend running I'll try compiling from svn.


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