[mythtv-users] Looking for HDTV Tuner Diagnostic Tips (AirStar-HD5000)

Dale d-larson at wi.rr.com
Sat May 19 17:35:57 UTC 2007


I have an AirStar-HD5000AV-PCI card running on my backend MythTv system. It
records standard definition (SDTV) digital flawlessly. No pixelation at
all. However, when I record HDTV content I get many "bursts" of pixelated
areas on the playback. They occur roughly every 4 to 10 seconds and show as
horizontal defects that are several scanlines tall. 

I'm pulling the QAM 256 modulated digital video from my TimeWarner system.
The card taps in right at the incoming cable. The digital STB from
TimeWarner works flawlessly and it's much farther down the cable than my
MythTv backend.

My first thought is that perhaps the caching between the capture card and
hard drive is not working well. I'm just not sure how to set or diagnose
this. I've been a software developer (Assembly, C/C++ ...) for many years
but Linux is fairly new to me.

My analog capture cards work capture excellent quality video. Much better
than my Tivo Series 1 in it's best quality mode.

My system is comprised of:

Athlon XP 3000+
2 GB of RAM
Two PVR 150 analog capture cards (they usually not capturing while HDTV is)
One AirStar-HD5000AV-PCI card
500 GB Maxstor 7H500 SATA drive.
NVIDIA GPU GeForce FX 5200


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