[mythtv-users] Questions about XBox front end

Rob Willett (Mythtv) rob.mythtv2 at robertwillett.com
Wed May 16 12:10:16 UTC 2007


I run MinimythTV on an Via M10000 board. There is a very, very faint 
hum, more transformer than fan,, but not an issue to my other half.  I 
did put a potentiometer in line with the fan to reduce the speed, less 
than 3,000RPM as I recall. No issues with heat at all as it's diskless 
and CD-ROM less.

MinimythTV works well with it. I suspect you could use an even smaller 
CPU from VIA and have no fans at all.


Jake Vickers wrote:
> William Munson wrote:
>> Jake Vickers wrote:
>>> Does anyone out there have an XBox for a front end? I'm looking for 
>>> something quieter than the ML8000 I have in my bedroom now (okay, so 
>>> the wife is) and read that MythTV ran on XBoxes and that they were 
>> The xbox will run SD tv only. Its slow as a snail at navigating the 
>> menus and in my case was annoying enough to retire the xbox. They are 
>> not very quiet either. The whining of the fan is loud enough in a 
>> bedroom to be a problem. My suggestion, keep looking.
> That rules that out then. I've already changed the fans in my ML8000 to 
> quieter ones but it's still too noisy.
> The laptop idea doesn't sound too bad though..... Thanks!
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