[mythtv-users] ASF on mythgallery?

Brandon Rogers blrogers at ieee.org
Wed May 16 02:14:40 UTC 2007

If not in MythGallery, I know you can in MythVideo.  Just configure the
player for ASF files to be mplayer (Media Settings->Video Settings).   You
may need to place a link in your Video directory to make it easier to find
the memory card.



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The kids have a camcorder/camera that saves to a memory card. Mythgallery
lists and displays the pictures without a hitch, but the videos are saved as
MPEG-4 ASF files and are not listed in mythgallery. I can play the video
files with mplayer at the bash prompt. Is it possible to list and play ASF
files in mythgallery?



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