[mythtv-users] [OS X] Running mythfrontend on apple tv - working

Thomas Kessler electronikjunkie at gmail.com
Wed May 16 01:57:07 UTC 2007

On 5/15/07, Neil Raymond <neil_raymond at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Sorry, this started off on the dev list as it was a dev question, should
> probably be on users now.
> Regards
> Neil
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> >Subject: Re: [mythtv] [OS X] Running mythfrontend on apple tv - working
> >Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 08:58:14 +0100
> >
> >Hi Todd
> >
> >Thanks for the reply.
> >
> >I've actually got it working quite well now, the previous reply from
> James
> >Mulcahy pointed me in the right direction. I had a look at the fonts
> >installed on the AppleTV and compared them to those on my Macbook, and
> >there
> >were a whole load more on the Macbook (unsurprisingly). I backed up the
> >font
> >directories on the AppleTV and then copied all the fonts from my Macbook
> >over to the AppleTV. I repeated this for the 3 main font directories
> >(/System/Library/Fonts, /Library/Fonts and ~/Library/Fonts). It probably
> >wasn't necessary to do all 3 locations, at some point I'll go back and
> work
> >out exactly what is and isn't needed.
> >
> >I then killed the Finder by disabling the watchdog and renaming
> Finder.app,
> >and ran MythFrontend from the ssh session. All seems to be well - I can
> >watch live tv, watch recording etc.
> >
> >It plays SD material fine, I'm connecting to a backend that's recording
> >DVB-T broadcasts. I don't have access to any any HD material other than
> the
> >BBC HD trial that is running at the moment, but that's broadcast in
> >H.264/MPEG4 AVC and there's no way the AppleTV could decode it. If
> someone
> >could point me to some HD trailers that can be legally downloaded I could
> >give some feedback on HD capabilities.
> >
> >The only problem that I've got now is some slight overscan. I'm using the
> >HDMI connection at 720p resolution, but for some reason the myth display
> >still extends off the side of the screen. I'm hoping that manually
> setting
> >the display size in the setup will fix this.
> >
> >Other than that it's quite usable. It takes 3 or 4 seconds to begin
> >playback
> >of a recording, but once it's playing it's fine. Skipping
> forward/backward
> >takes <1s. My backend is running on fairly low powered hardware (VIA EPIA
> >EN12000G) so that might not be helping. The only other niggle is the lack
> >of
> >buttons on the remote, but there's nothing I can do about that.
> >
> >I hope this helps someone, I can post all the steps I took to get it
> >working
> >if anyone shows interest.
> >
> >Cheers
> >
> >Neil

I would love a howto. ;0>

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