[mythtv-users] Mac Mini (PPC), Gentoo, MythTV and LIRC

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Wed May 16 01:10:39 UTC 2007

   Just wondering if anyone has experience with loading Gentoo on a
PPC-based Mac Mini and then using it as a MythTV frontend? There seem
to be a number of pages coming up in Google but it's slow to weed out
the Intel based from the PPC machines if they say anything at all.

   My living room frontend, which also served as a network video file
server, died yesterday. I brought up a replacement for the file server
part but now need to get Myth working on the living room TV. I have an
unused Mac Mini sitting here that no one will touch as a PC. Since
it's very quiet it would make a great, if not expensive, frontend for
somewhere in the house. My one requirement is that I'd like to
continue using the StreamZap with LIRC if possible.


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