[mythtv-users] Scientific Atlanta 2100 IR port

Elanor jamina1 at gmail.com
Tue May 15 19:43:05 UTC 2007

While looking (unsuccessfully ) for a firewire input on the back of my
cable box, I noticed a plug marked IR. It looks similar to a port on
the PVR-150. Doing some quick google searches led me to find out that
the plug on the Cable box is for an IR blaster to control a VCR or
My PVR-150 came with a remote receiver/IRblaster cable that plugs into it.
Is it possible (where do you find 1/8" dual ended cables though??) to
plug the cable box directly into my PVR-150 and use my cable box
remote to control my mythbox?

= Elanor Matheson =
Web Designer & Graphic Artist

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