[mythtv-users] Best HD transcoding setup & settings?

Joe Borne joe.borne at gmail.com
Tue May 15 13:41:25 UTC 2007

Joe Borne wrote:
> I've been recording several series this year in HD. I now have an
> almost complete collection for my own use/review over the summer when
> the seasons end.
> However, the 8.5GB per episode size is a bit cumbersome. I've tried
> transcoding a bit and I'm not having much luck. Has anyone ever
> written up a howto on exactly what you want to have installed (and how
> to set it up) for transcoding?

Bryan Mayland wrote back:

>You can use the standard MythTranscode jobs without having to resort to
>installing extra software or setting up custom jobs.  If you're using
>SVN HEAD, you can create even a recording profile -> transcoding for
>each source resolution.  Go to:
>Utilities / Setup ->
>Setup ->
>TV Settings ->
>Recording Profiles ->
>Transcoders ->
>Now create a new profile for each source res with the naming convention
>"Autodetect from X" (eg. Autodetect from 720p).
>I have the following common settings:
>Lossless Transcoding NOT checked
>Resize Video while transcoding NOT checked
>Codec: MPEG4
>Scale bitrate for frame size NOT checked
>Enable high-quality encoding checked
>Enable 4MV encoding checked
>(I believe the sound settings aren't used currently)
>For 1080i I use Bitrate=3500
>For 720p I use Bitrate=2500
>For 480i I use Bitrate=1500
>For both interlaced profiles, I have "Enable interlaced DCT encoding"
>and "Enable interlaced motion estimation" checked.
>To transcode them you just go to the recording from Watch Recordings and
>hit the right arrow -> Job Options -> Begin Transcoding (you can also do
>this from the OSD menu while watching it, or via mythweb).  You can also
>set MythTV to autotranscode after recording.
>If you have any specific questions be sure to ask them and we can get
>you through it.

Well, I am guessing something is broken. When I try it from the "Watch
Recordings" menu nothing happens. When I try it from the OSD menu, the OSD
diplays "Stopped Transcoding" and nothing happens. I've checked and
mythtranscode is installed and the mtd is running. Also, I created a "1080i"
transcoding profile per your description, but it doesn't show in my menu as
a choice when I go to transcode a show. What's wrong here?

Thanks in advance.
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