[mythtv-users] Adding a Nova-T 500 to existing mythtv box with pvr350 (Resent)

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Mon May 14 09:26:08 UTC 2007

> the subject nearly says it all. I'm going to move and won't have analog
> cable nor terrestrial TV anymore only DVB-T. Right now, my mythtv box
> contains only a PVR350 for recording and displaying things on TV (via
> ivtv and its frame buffer driver).
> Is there any culprit I should expect when adding a Nove T-500 twin DVB-T
> into my box? As far as I know those cards simply receive the broadcast
> and write them "unchanged" to disk, where I can watch live TV or
> recordings via the 350, right?

I think so, but I wouldn't be 100% sure that the PVR350 framebuffer
will play DVB captures.  They're both mpeg-2 so you should be alright,
but I remember that I had trouble playing DVD's (which are also
mpeg-2) through my 350.

Are you in the UK?  If you are, and you aren't able to confirm that
your PVR will play freeview captures then I can probably send you a
very short clip, just to test.

Another interesting point, for those of us with low-spec hardware
using DVB, is that there are changes currently in the development
version of mythtv that will enable multiple channels to be recorded
with a single tuner, provided they are on the same multiplex.  That
means that, even with only two DVB tuners it would be possible to
schedule about 12 simultaneous recordings.  I doubt that your
hardware, or mine, would cope with that.

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