[mythtv-users] TV Screen Scrambled

Jake Vickers jake at v2gnu.com
Sat May 12 21:42:33 UTC 2007

Steve Daniels wrote:
> Daniel Haensse wrote:
>> Hi,
>> thanks for your help.
>> Finally, I've got it working, but the CPU load is above 80% and frames
>> are dropped every second or so (capture resolution 320x320).
>> It's a via m 10000 board (1GHz cle266) and a em28xx card (pvr 900). Any
>> hints to improve it? Is it possible to record the tv signal from another
>> box (mythtv frontend installed on that box) and watch it over ethernet
>> (wlan 11Mbit/s)? Is it possible to zap the channels quickly with such a
>> setting?
>> best regards
>> Dani
> Google around M10000 and XVMC openchrome stuff like that :-) Search the 
> mailing list archives on gossamer, and check the wiki for info too :-)
I just joined the mailing list this morning, so I missed the first part. 
I'm running a MII 10000 LVDS for a frontend (MythDora 4, with some minor 
issues) and a ML8000 under Ubuntu (both frontends only).
I could never get MythDora to install on the ML8000 so I went with 
Ubuntu on it and had really bad video from the backend on it. What I 
ended up finding was that Ubuntu-Feisty doesn't enable the via video 
chipset by default, only vesa. A quick dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg 
fixed my issue once I enabled the via chipset. I'd agree with Dani that 
this is definetely something to make sure is enabled.

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