[mythtv-users] upnp pictures of screens

stuart stuart at xnet.com
Thu May 10 13:31:22 UTC 2007

Craig G. wrote:
> I have the DSM-520 and it feels like an orphaned D-Link product.   Which is 
> not surprising as the internals are not made by D-Link themselves.    In a 
> rough sense the DSM-520 works "ok" with mythtv, but it is VERY sensitive to 
> encoding.  By sensitive I mean if you try to playback a MPEG-TS stream it 
> tends to lock up if any of the frames are missing or corrupted.   This means 
> if I run the content I record through mythtranscode to clean it up, then it 
> plays ok with the DSM-520.   Have better luck with MPEG-PS files.   Right 
> now if I record something from my HDHomerun have to transcode it to cleanup 
> the MPEG stream before I can try to display it on my DSM-520, which is very 
> inconvenient.   (streams play fine in mythtv, mplayer or even windows.  They 
> just cause the DSM-520 to lock up hard.   The fact that there hasn't been a 
> firmware update in over 8 months, and their have been no moves/attempts by 
> D-Link to fix many of the bugs and deficiencies in the devices firmware.  I 
> wouldn't recommend it.   If looking for a UPNP thin player, would 
> recommended researching which was have the best support from the 
> manufacturer and the most frequent updates.   As the support from D-link has 
> been almost non-existent for their devices.
> Craig

Hi Craig, I looked at the mythtv - dsm520 - wiki page: 
http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/DLinkDSM520-UPnP and only found a 
comment about failure to display 1080i material.  If you would like to 
add something I would do it in the above URL.  If you are not sure of 
what you want to add you can always add comments to the discussion page: 

So, did you look inside?  Is there Sigma Design chip?  It could be that 
the D-Link is a Sigma hardware box running Syabas software.  Which, 
incidentally, is uCLinux based.

If this is the case, you might try http://www.syabas.com to see if they 
are supplying updates to their software for the D-Link.  If that doesn't 
work, maybe the O.E.M. of your hardware is http://macpower.com.tw. It's 
a sure bet they are for the Galaxy 3500 IPTV (which they call the D7 & 
D8 Digital Media Gateway).

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