[mythtv-users] I may have SOLVED the 5C cable encryption problem - DOH!

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed May 9 20:54:09 UTC 2007

On 05/09/2007 04:10 PM, Joe Borne wrote:
> ...
> 2. A "connector" to allow MythTV to accept a raw DV stream.
> Does anyone on the list who is a developer know of a package or think 
> they can create one that can fill role #2?

Myth would need a new DvRecorder and all its associated support 
(including either on-the-fly transcoding support--which would limit the 
number and/or resolution of captures--or DV playback support with 
optional post-recording transcoding).

Based on the value I place on my time and on the content of encrypted 
channels, I feel waiting for a device that outputs a more-approriate 
format (i.e. not so huge) would be more worthwhile.  Then again, I'm 
living without any encrypted channels--just OTA--now because they're not 
worth the cost of having a cable/satellite subscription to me.

> I see additional benefits to this in that it would enable folks with 
> DV based camcorders to transfer content directly to a MythTV box and 
> transcode it.

But requiring the same "create a no-grabber video source with one 
channel for the external device and schedule a manual recording to start 
at the time you press play" hack that capturing from a VCR or camcorder 
via S-Video currently requires.  (Meaning there are far more appropriate 
programs--like the 2 you mentioned--for doing this.  Myth is good at 
scheduling recordings that someone else broadcasts when they want, no so 
much at the "record this now until I say stop", because it was designed 
for the former, not the latter.)


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