[mythtv-users] Analog and Digital Cable Confusion (HDHR, etc)

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Wed May 9 15:24:13 UTC 2007

On May 9, 2007, at 7:05 AM, jason maxwell wrote:

>> Consider yourself very lucky.  I have a DCT-6200 connected via  
>> firewire as
>> well....can't receive anything at all over it - all the firewire
>> connection is good for is that allows Myth to change channels on  
>> the cable
>> box.  It was working fine until early January, when @#$%^! Time  
>> Warner
>> Cable encrypted everything.  The only way I can record anything  
>> from the
>> cable box now is via its s-video output.  Hopefully your cable  
>> provider
>> won't pull the rug out from under you in similar fashion.
> I'm curious: what exactly are the cable companies trying to protect
> against by encrypting the digital channels? Would it be so bad to
> allow people to actually watch what they are paying for? Are they
> really making that much money on STB rentals? I for one would be happy
> to pay for premium channels if they were easy to watch thru my Myth
> box.
> -J

Movie and TV studios feel that if you're able to record high-quality  
video, there would be no more reason to buy their DVD's, BluRay and  
HD-DVD discs. You can also easily replicate the movies so no one has  
to go out and buy them. Cable providers couldn't care less if you're  
recording The Sopranos and not buying the DVD's. HBO gets upset about  
it, though. Those companies are the ones that provide cable providers  
with the most income so their voice is loudest telling them "If you  
don't encrypt our movie channels to prevent recording, we're pulling  
our station and everyone will go with another provider."

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