[mythtv-users] Runnig Mythfilldatabase deletes DataDirect lineup???.

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Wed May 9 03:15:20 UTC 2007

A weird problem has arisen. I have 2 lineups at labs.zap2it.com, one for 
analog cable and one digital.
Whenever mythfilldatabase runs automatically, the analog cable lineup 
gets cleared (except for 3 channels which are also in the digital lineup 
  at different channels, but which zap2it describes with the same xmltvid).

And every evening for the last couple of days, when I check the EPG, 
everything after midnight is 'Unknown' as the channels have been deleted 
  , at the datadirect end!! Today's data is not affected.

I cannot even guess how this is happening. I would have thought that 
mfdb could NOT affect zap2it...But...

I have tested the problem by logging on to labs.zap2it.com, setting up 
the cable lineup with some 35 channels, updating, logging out. (If I go 
back and check, everything is fine). Then I run mfdb. After it has run, 
I can log in again, and the lineup is gone!. Only the first day's data 
(today) is downloaded, from which I deduce that something that mfdb does 
at the end of the first day retrieval cycle is the source of the problem.

Interestingly the digital lineup is unaffected. I have tried deleting 
and recreating the lineups at zap2it but this does not affect the 
problem. Weird and bothersome but not fatal. Probably terminal however...

Mythtv version is SVN trunk 13339 on Fedora 6.

Anyone else seen something similar?

              R. Geoffrey Newbury			

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