[mythtv-users] MythArchive execution time?

Craig Huff huffcs at yahoo.com
Wed May 9 03:05:34 UTC 2007

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> This time seems about right. I get about 30-40 fps on my AMD 64 X2  
> 4400+ cpu. If you're doing a lot of burning, you might consider  
> making your source a DVD-compliant format so you don't need to re- 
> encode when burning to DVD. For instance, if you're recording with a  
> PVR-150 or similar card, capture at a DVD compliant resolution and  
> don't transcode afterwards.


I have only found one place for selecting the format and set it to 720x480 resolution -- in the front end recording profiles.

Is this what you're talking about?  Am I overlooking a setting elsewhere?

I found out by trial and error that even with this resolution setting, I had to transcode with an encoding profile (I use SP for 2 hour movies in NTSC resolution).
Craig Huff

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