[mythtv-users] irrecord problems

John jharitos at yahoo.com
Mon May 7 14:35:37 UTC 2007

So you got to the point where irrecord asks you for a
button name and then it asks you to hit the
corresponding button. After you hit the button it
should say Got it!. Did it do this? Did you end
irrecord properly. To do this, when it asks you for a
button name, you just hit enter and it should exit the
program and save your lircd.conf file. 

You should start xmode2 and push some buttons to get a
feel for how long your waveforms are. For your intial
irrecord, I'd do this at night with the lights off and
I'd put some type of cover between the remote and the
receiver to avoid stray signals. When you're doing
this, it should say got it and give you the waveform
length. If you get a waveform length of 3, you
probably got a stray signal. After you get done,
you'll want to look at the lircd.conf file to make
sure everything looks okay. If it isn't, I'd redo
irrecord just for the buttons that didn't map properly
and name the file lircd2.conf. You can then cut and
paste from lircd2.conf to lircd.conf. This'll save you
from having to redo all buttons.

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