[mythtv-users] skipping video frames after being On for a couple of days

Dmitry Shesterin dscheste at gmail.com
Sun May 6 19:32:05 UTC 2007

Thanks, but the same problem existed when I was running 6.10.  
Restarting mythv, backend or any other services did not help either.  
Video just does not play properly, as though CPU canot process the  
frames in time, but the CPU load is OK, about 30%.

Any other ideas? Maybe there is a command to clear cache, like a  
global cache reset, without rebooting the whole thing?


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On May 5, 2007, at 12:11 PM, William Munson wrote:

> Dmitry Shesterin wrote:
>> The system is running great, all the plugins I wanted are working
>> just fine, the only problem that annoys me a lot now is that I have
>> to REBOOT my Ubuntu box EVERY DAY because video playback STARTS
>> Symptom:
>> Video continues to play, but frames are being dropped. The video
>> looks like it is going at 1-5 frames a second. Sound is working just
>> fine.
>> System:
>> Mythtv20
>> CPU Intel 2.8
>> RAM 1Gb
>> Ubuntu 7.04
>> Hauppage WinTvPVR250 - tuner
>> Video out through S-video via 128MB AGP Nvidia FX5200 and NVIDIA  
>> drivers
>> The processor is not loaded, there is enough memory, so I have no
>> idea why video stops playing at a regular rate and frames are
>> dropping. Usually it happens when a computer is extremely busy, but
>> it is not the case in my situation.
>> After I reboot, everything works just fine for another day or two.
>> Can anybody please land me a hand in trying to figure out what is
>> happening and why video is behaving this way?
> There have been some reports of memory leaks in 7.04 so you might want
> to take a look at memory usage over a few days to see if one of your
> processes is growing continuously. Other than the small risk  
> involved in
> running the latest version of ubuntu, I do not see anything about your
> setup that is unusual or risky.
> You might want to upgrade to 0.20-fixes branch of svn as it has a  
> bunch
> of fixes the older 0.20 release does not. I would not recommend the  
> svn
> trunk branch right now. Its going thru some significant changes right
> now and would not be a good choice for troubleshooting.
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