[mythtv-users] Wrong aspect ratio with latest X in Debian Sid

Tino Keitel tino.keitel at gmx.de
Sun May 6 13:00:06 UTC 2007

On Sun, May 06, 2007 at 14:52:53 +0200, Tino Keitel wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I have a problem with the aspect ratio on my 16:10 TFT in mythfrontend:
> the picture is too wide, I have to forrect in in the playback settings.
> As it worked without this workaround before, I wondered where the
> problem might be.
> I downgraded to a SVN trunk version from one month ago, but that didn't
> help. So I suspect the latest Xorg upgrades in Debian Sid to be the
> culprit. However, I had to downgrade xserver-xorg-core and
> xserver-xorg-video-i810 because I won't be a screen with the desired
> resolution of the TFT with the latest version.
> Is there anyone else with a similar behavriour? Maybe it is a bug in
> the mythfronten<->Xorg interaction.

It looks like mythfrontend assumes a 4:3 display. When I use
mythfrontend -geometry to start the frontend in a small window, I
always had to use a window size that has the same aspect ratio as the X
resolution (16:10). So I used something like mythfrontend -gemetry
960x600, otherwise LiveTV has a wrong aspect ratio.

Now, I have to use a 4:3 aspect ratio to get the right picture in
LiveTV, e.g. mythfrontend -geometry 800.x600.


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