[mythtv-users] tuning of channels woes - some lock, some don't

Mario Minati mario at minati.de
Sat May 5 19:27:18 UTC 2007

nospam312 schrieb:
>> Now the locking problem which keeps me busy googling for more over a
>> week now:
> For my DVB-T cards I need to increase the signal and tuning lock to
> higher figures in the Card Setup screen of Myth and this solves my
> locking/time out problems when tuning channels.
Signal and tuning lock, where?
In my setup screen (0.20 from original ubuntu packages) is only a signal 
and tuning timeout, which doesn't help he just waits longer to figure 
out that he can't lock, (Zap locks right away under 1 second).


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