[mythtv-users] Different aspect ratio in windowed mode

jonny Linux jonnylinux at gmail.com
Fri May 4 10:12:36 UTC 2007

> Theres a key you can press ( 'g'  I think) when watching, to rotate
> through the available geometries?

I've just tried 'g' and it doesn't work - are you thinking of 'w' for
different aspect ratios?

I have the same problem (although slightly different) I have a 16:10 monitor
and a 4:3 TV setup using TwinView. Usually I have myth on the TV, but
sometimes I'd like to put it on the monitor, so I set the geometry up using
mythfrontend --geometry 1680x1050 to get it on the monitor. But if I do
that, myth still assumes the monitor is 4:3, so squashes the picture - if I
press W I can get a slightly better picture using Fill, but its still

I can get a good picture by using mplayer's monitoraspect command - (ie
mplayer -monitoraspect 16:10 -aspect 16:9 file.mpg), but I can't find any
equivalent of monitoraspect in Myth. Does anyone know of one?

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