[mythtv-users] Awsome Case For Myth Frontend!

Jason Marshall marshalj at spots.ab.ca
Thu May 3 23:03:42 UTC 2007

> As others mentioned, the vast majority of systems don't even get close
> to 200w of power draw, let alone the 500-600w+ that some PSUs are
> built to handle these days. Unless you have some monster of a system,
> a 300-350w PSU is more than enough. Also keep in mind that the more
> your PSU is underutilized, the less efficient it will be.

Don't forget, too, the wattage rating on a power supply is the aggregate 
across all the different power rails -- If you have lots of drives, you 
may max out a 600w power supply's 12v rail, while hardly putting a dent in 
its total wattage output.

It's like stereo amplifiers -- they're rated in watts, too, but it's 
almost always represented as the aggregate across all channels.

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