[mythtv-users] Why does one show get realtime commflagged and not another?

Brian Walter blwalter at gmail.com
Thu May 3 13:15:14 UTC 2007

Yeechang Lee wrote:
> I have my MythTV box record two hour-long dramas' reruns daily: _The
> OC_ on SoapNet (a digital non-HD cable channel) and _Gilmore Girls_ on
> ABC Family (an analog non-HD cable channel). The former typically gets
> recorded at 11am PT while the latter gets recorded at 5pm or the
> following day at 11am depending on what the scheduler decides is
> optimal.
> The peculiar thing is that, since the _OC_ reruns began almost four
> weeks ago, not a single one has been realtime commflagged right. The
> commflag sessions complete, but without finding any ads. Meanwhile,
> the _Gilmore_ reruns have always been realtime commflagged right since
> I began recording them many months ago. Here's an example from today,
> in which both shows were recorded at the same time:
> 2007-05-02 12:01:11.876 JobQueue: Commercial Flagging Finished, 0
> break(s) found.
> 2007-05-02 12:01:19.040 JobQueue: Commercial Flagging Finished, 5
> break(s) found.
> Even stranger, if I manually run the commflag job from mythfrontend on
> the _OC_ episodes, they always commflag properly. I realtime commflag
> many shows and _OC_ reruns are the only one this happens to.[1] (The
> same rule recorded all the first-run _OC_ episodes while they were on
> the air without any such problems, if that matters.) Ideas?
> [1] That's not to say that some recordings don't get realtime
> commflagged properly because of what I describe at
> <URL:http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/258846#258846>,
> but this is a) infrequent and is b) non show-specific. Again, not a
> single one of the 18 SoapNet _The OC_ reruns got flagged right without
> my initiating the job myself

Do your shows get flagged when  you re-run the commflag job?  I have a 
lot of cases where commflaging begins after recording, and get the '0 
breaks detected', but, if I manually submit it again, I still get 0 
breaks detected.


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