[mythtv-users] Awsome Case For Myth Frontend!

Bryan Mayland bmayland at leoninedev.com
Wed May 2 20:44:53 UTC 2007

David Frascone wrote:
> Only things missing are the VFD and IR reader!
   According to the Product page on Hiper's web site, it has a VFD with 
a Windows XP/Vista driver and shows an "IR Transceiver Driver" for XP as 

On closer inspection, the driver is only an INF file which describes a 
"Itron IR TransCeiver" IRBUS USB driver.  Oh what's this in the lirc 
mceusb2 driver?

 USB_DEVICE(VENDOR_ITRON, 0x7002) },   /* Itron ione Libra Q-11 */

A match for the same Vendor and Device id listed in the INF file (That 
is in CVS right now, not sure if it is in 0.8.1)

So looks like it may have both the VFD and IR reader.  Someone go buy 
one and confirm!

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